Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force

GENERAL MEETING: The Task Force will meet on September 27, 2018, 1:00-3:30 pm at the Salvation Army, 4915 Ox Road, Fairfax VA.  General Meetings include speakers on pertinent topics and brief committee reports.  General Meetings occur twice a year and are open to the public.  


As of June 1, 2018, the structure of the Task Force has been revised.

  • Task Force coordination responsibilities have been distributed among individual committees and a Steering Committee comprised of all committee chairpersons who will collaborate as a team.  A Coordinator, if and when appointed, will report to the Steering Committee. Anyone is welcome to submit a cover letter and resume to any committee chairperson for the Steering Committee to review and consider them as a possible Coordinator.

  • The Outreach and Awareness Committee will refocus its work solely on organizing twice annual General Meetings.

  • The Task Force Speakers Bureau will no longer exist and Task Force materials will not be updated for 2018.  Volunteers will be linked to local community groups.  The Task Force will no longer support a newsletter or social media.  Communication will be through committee co-chairs and the website.

Please contact a committee chair if you have questions about where your organization falls or about any other change. Contact information is provided below.


Maureen Cain (Law Enforcement)

Kay Duffield (Victim Services)

Shannon Traore (Victim Services)


Mike Lynn (Outreach & Awareness)

Erin Johnson (Outreach & Awareness)

Teresa Green (Communications)

To volunteer for a local organization, please go to the Resources page.

Trainings and Events


Resources on Trafficking of Disabled Persons

Video from the Task Force Survivor Panel in January, 2018.

Training materials and brochures from the Arizona State University Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research

Preventing Human Trafficking against Individuals with Disabilities podcast

Information from the recent Shared Hope Just Conference provided by Victim Services Co-Chair Shannon Traore:

Survivor-Informed Practice: Self-Guided Assessment Tool and Definitions, Best Practices and Recommendations developed by the US Office on Trafficking in Persons Human Trafficking Leadership Academy

Bureau of Justice Statistics data on prosecutions for commercial sexual exploitation of children.

See information and contact numbers for the Inova Forensic Assessment and Consultation Teams (FACT) exam program.

Evaluation of Domestic Victims of Human Trafficking Demonstration Projects: Final Report from the First Cohort of Projects  Findings from three US Dept. of Health & Human Services demonstration projects designed to expand organizational and community capacity to identify and address the needs of domestic victims of human trafficking.

US State Department 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report

report trafficking

In case of emergency please call 911.  To report human trafficking to law enforcement please call:

Alexandria: (703) 746-4444

Arlington: (703) 558-2222

Fairfax County: (703) 691-2131

Loudoun County: (703) 777-1021

Prince William County: (703) 792-6500

Manassas City: (703) 257-8000

Manassas Park: (703) 361-1136

Dumfries: (703) 221-1111

Virginia State Police: (703) 803-2676